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Dave Slaven
Ecologist, Partner

Contact details:

Tel: +64 9 359 5303


Masters of Science, Environmental Science and Conservation Planning (Hons, 1st), University of Auckland

Masters of Art, Physical Geography(Hons), University of Auckland


Adviser, NZ Amphibian Recovery Group

Chairperson, Shore Bird Technical Working Group

About Dave

Dave is knowledgeable in a wide variety of scientific fields, including forest, freshwater and marine ecology. Over the past two decades he has undertaken fieldwork and developed extensive experience in evaluation, ecological impact assessment, mitigation programmes, site restoration and conservation planning.

He has undertaken a variety of ecological surveys in differing types of ecosystems and habitats, including wetland, forest, scrub and freshwater. These surveys have involved indigenous flora and fauna (including birds, herpetofauna and freshwater fish species) as well as an assessment of the ecological and conservation values of the site(s) in question.

Strengths lie in his ability to assess environments not only from an ecological point of view but also from a more holistic ‘effects and opportunities’ perspective. He immediately recognises ecological issues related to a development proposal and has a reputation for identifying highly innovative yet practical approaches to their successful resolution. He is a very experienced expert witness at council and Planning Tribunal hearings.

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