Ecology Quarterly

An e-newsletter highlighting the work being done by our ecologists.

Boffa Miskell’s ecology clients saw something new in their in-boxes this month: Ecology Quarterly.

“Quarterly” references both the frequency of the newsletter and its structure: each issue is made up of four articles.

An opinion piece is the main story, and ecology discipline leader Ian Boothroyd says the article will examine a topical or controversial subject from ecologists’ point of view.

“As professionals, our job is to make unbiased recommendations to our clients based on empirical evidence – the objective facts, as borne out by our research or observations,” Ian explains. “But during our research, we sometimes do form opinions – or we recognise a situation with no ‘easy answer’. This think piece gives us a chance to talk about that sort of thing in a neutral space; and present a point of view, supported by data that is relevant to the argument.”

Do Cats Have a Future in New Zealand?” was the subject of the first issue, and Alison Mau’s recent opinion column is just one recent article addressing this sensitive topic.

Ian says that although the “Cat Question” has been debated for many years, it’s clearly still in the public consciousness. “There was a front-page article in the Sunday Star-Times in late February, which indicates that we’re talking about something that people are genuinely interested in.”

The “You Need to Know” section of EQ explains the practicalities of following environmental regulations in a way that clients can easily understand. In the first issue, Christchurch-based senior ecologist Tanya Blakely outlined the required procedures and permits when dealing with freshwater fishes.

The two remaining sections are a profile on one of the ecology team members, and a report written by an ecologist working in the field. In the first issue, Georgia Cummings was profiled, and Kat Muchna wrote about surveying Archey’s Frogs in the Coromandel Forest Park.

Response to the inaugural EQ was highly positive, and the ecology team are busy at work on the April edition.

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26 February 2018