Meet the Boffa Miskell ecology team: Andrew Blayney

Terrestrial and freshwater ecology is Andrew Blayney’s passion, and since joining Boffa Miskell he’s carried out ecological surveys and assessments throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

His impressive knowledge base and range of technical abilities significantly enhance the capabilities and service offering of the Hamilton team. He is now a trusted advisor to many of our key clients and has established a very positive reputation in the Waikato market.

“I really enjoy the discovery and learning aspect of ecology,” says Andrew. “When you begin a project, there is often very little information beyond the ecologist’s first impression and wider knowledge of the surrounding landscape. I like finding out what ecological value lies in sometimes the most unexpected places. Following on from that, I enjoy the complex problem solving and development of novel solutions to work with the often-unusual habitats and species we discover.”

After earning both his Bachelor of Science – Ecology & Zoology, and Master of Science – Zoology (1st class Honours) at Massey University, Andrew spent over four years working for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Andrew’s previous experience includes a range of ecological restoration, monitoring, mitigation and biosecurity projects. He has provided technical advice, developed and implemented biodiversity restoration and riparian management plans, conducted lizard surveys and salvage, captively managed lizards, and managed pest plant eradication and surveillance projects.

“Andrew brings a level of intelligence and technical skills that add significant value in their own right,” says senior principal Dave Moule. “However, it is his solution-focused approach and natural ability to find balanced and pragmatic outcomes that our clients appreciate the most.

“He’s so willing to share his knowledge and adds value far beyond just his ecological expertise, with regular input into our landscape design and planning processes.”

Dave explains that Andrew’s contribution to the Hamilton office goes above his job description.

“He’s the resident plant expert, he’s always willing to lend a hand with any project or problem, and he’s a very good photographer. Andrew is a general repository of little-known facts and trivia, which makes him pretty much the go-to person in the office for anything that those with average levels of intelligence cannot resolve!”

Is there anything this Jack-of-All-Trades (and expert at many) can’t do? Apparently, just two things: “Fortunately for us mere mortals, Andrew cannot sing and he’s only above-average at ping-pong.”

For further information please contact Andrew Blayney

30 January 2019