Boffa Miskell successfully completed our three-year journey to carbonzero certification in 2021, and is proudly a Toitū carbonzero® consultancy.

Boffa Miskell has been responding to the climate change emergency by working alongside clients, project partners, and stakeholders to assist Aotearoa New Zealand in adapting to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Additionally, in 2018 Boffa Miskell committed to recording and disclosing its own carbon footprint through CEMARS certification, and through partnering with Enviro-mark (now Toitū Envirocare). We have now successfully completed a three-year journey to achieve Carbonzero certification, as a Toitū carbonzero® consultancy.


Boffa Miskell’s carbon emissions have reduced steadily since 2019, to be 54% lower than in 2018. Although we worked at full capacity through the 2020 COVID lockdown, our emissions reduced significantly. This is likely to be the result of reduced air travel over this period. Our next goal is to reduce our gross emissions over the next five years through initiatives large and small across our operation and business practices, driven by our sustainability team, and represented across all seven of our offices.



To become Carbonzero, our 2020 emissions were offset through Toitū certified credits at Mt Pleasant forest in Marlborough, a 64ha property with regenerating native forest; and a solar power project at Bhadla, Rajasthan, in India. Going forward, Boffa Miskell will seek to support local conservation projects with 100% of its credits to ensure visible sequestration of our emissions and to support Aotearoa New Zealand’s native biodiversity.