Dr. Sharon De Luca
Ecologist, Associate Partner

Contact details:

Tel: +64 7 571 5633


Independent Hearings Commissioner, Ministry for the Environment

Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental and Marine Science, University of Auckland

Bachelor of Science, Zoology, University of Auckland


Member and Regional Coordinator, NZ Coastal Society

Member, NZ Marine Sciences Society

About Sharon

Sharon has more than 16 years experience in marine ecology and six years experience in freshwater and terrestrial ecology. She joined Boffa Miskell in 2007 and prior to this she worked for six years as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at City University in Hong Kong.

Strongly based ecological principals, coupled with a passion for technically robust and innovative environmental outcomes ensures her assessments and advice have the rigour to withstand scrutiny in Environment Court and Board of Inquiry Hearings.

Clients include private landowners, district and regional Councils, infrastructure companies, Government Agencies and Departments, including NZTA, on a number of Roads of National Significance.

Sharon’s significant experience includes assessment of effects on coastal/marine and freshwater ecological values of range of activities, preparation of aquatic monitoring programmes, habitat surveys, contaminant analyses and restoration plans and preparation and presentation of expert witness evidence. She has a strong background in the biological and ecological effects of contaminants in aquatic environments (i.e. ecotoxicology).

A selection of Sharon's projects

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