Dr. Tanya Blakely
Senior Ecologist, Principal

Contact details:

Tel: +64 3 364 4214


Doctor of Philosophy, Ecology, University of Canterbury

Bachelor of Science (Hons, 1st), Zoology, University of Canterbury


New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society

New Zealand Ecological Society

New Zealand Entomological Society

Peer reviewer for selected scientific journals

About Tanya

Tanya is an experienced ecologist, having worked in a variety of consultancy, research and academic roles. She has a comprehensive range of technical and practical ecological skills, and a strong understanding of freshwater and terrestrial invertebrate ecology.

Tanya’s teaching background in ecology and breadth of research experience, coupled with her strong understanding of ecological principles, gives her a robust, unique and varied set of ecological field, research and consultancy skills.

Tanya has been involved in ecological monitoring, freshwater restoration and fish rescue, assessments of significance and environmental effects, science communication projects, and ecological management plans. She has advised a wide range of clients from iwi, private landowners, district and regional councils, to infrastructure and energy companies, and international government agencies.

Tanya is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

A selection of Tanya's projects

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