Primary production and Industry

Primary production and industry are key to our local and export economies. Increasingly their integration with the natural environment, and places people live and value, needs careful planning and management. We can work with you to shape relevant plans and policies, incorporate tailored landscape design and manage activities to successfully integrate projects with their surrounding ecological, visual and cultural context.


Mitigate environmental effects resulting from intensive agricultural production systems.

Aquaculture and Fisheries 
Understand and manage the effects of aquaculture development on ecological, cultural and landscape value.

Manage environmental effects occurring from forestry systems.

Horticulture and Viticulture 
Alleviate effects on the environment arising from horticultural production systems.

Manufacturing / Industrial Plant
Integrate an industrial plant with its surrounding natural, social and cultural environments.

Quarrying and Mining
Implement new development and management plans to rehabilitate the landscape and ecological values within quarrying and mining sites.

Expert advice, development and project management of biosecurity strategies and plans to protect primary industry from current and potential biosecurity threats.