Boffa Miskell consultants get on their bikes

From Auckland to Queenstown, our staff are taking part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. The challenge runs through February; and with just four days to go, the competition is fierce.

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is a fun, free competition that’s all about seeing which workplaces can get the most people to ride a bike for just 10 minutes or more. Individual riders accrue points for distance travelled, days in which they’ve cycled, and “encourager” points.

That’s what the official website says. But with five out of seven offices participating this year, and just four days to go, it’s safe to say that at Boffa Miskell it’s ALL about bragging rights!

The Auckland office is competing in the 50 – 199 Staff category. Under the leadership of Ian Boothroyd, the 21-member team has accrued 5929 points.

Peter Whiting and John Potter are in the lead for distance points, with 381 and 406 respectively. Peter leads overall, with 160 day points and an additional 300 encourager points.

Ian’s 500 encourager points put him in second place at 631 total points. In the 200-plus points club are Alex Smith, Olivia Johnstone, Ruby Bennett, Michael Hawes, Ensiyeh Ghavampour and Hanna O’Donoghue.

Our Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington offices are all in the 20 – 49 Staff division.

With 56% employee participation, the  25-member Christchurch team leads all offices with 6606 total points; 1458 of which come from team leader, landscape architect Amanda Anthony. Her 1100 encourager points are the most in the entire company. Christchurch distance leader is ecologist Scott Hooson, with 535 points.

Nineteen cyclists have earned over 100 points, making our Cantabrians the company’s most well-rounded team. Nik Kneale, Gabe Ross, Hamish Cochrane, Deborah Rowe, Tanya Blakely, James Bentley, Katie Chilton, Corey Murray and Pete Caldwell are all in the 200-plus points club.

Tauranga’s 4-person team represents 20% of the office staff.  Thomas Keal is leading from the front, contributing 294 of the team’s 831 total points. Sean Grace, Matt Peacocke and Bex Morell have accrued 249, 225 and 63 points.

Wellington’s Miles Duncan is doing the heavy lifting for his team, contributing 504 of 1552 total points. Merryn Hedley is in second place at 339, with Hamish Wesney at 322, Maria Bergvall at 126, Sherilyn Hinton at 121, Jos Coolen at 100 and Bron Faulkner at 40.

Competing in the 7 – 19 Staff division, Queenstown is punching well above its weight with a whopping 100% participation rate. Under the leadership of Yvonne Pfluger (828 points), the 7-person team has racked up an impressive 1850 total points. Tim Church is in second place at 321 points, followed by Meg Embleton-Muir (241), Megan Ash (219), Chris Ferguson (207), Ralph Henderson (29) and Mathilde Menard (14).

With just four days to go, many offices are planning social events before and after work in the hope of gaining additional points.

For further information please contact Dr Ian Boothroyd or Yvonne Pflüger

25 February 2019