Boffa Miskell’s role in the Department of Conservation PF2050 Strategy

The Tools to Market programme is well underway, with projects trialling biosecurity and pest-control innovations.

Department of Conservation is collaborating with specialist organisations to develop a range of new predator control tools and technology which are available to everyone involved in Predator Free 2050.

In a recent blog, Michelle Crowell, Biodiversity Threats Manager for the DoC, outlines two of these projects, including PAWS®.

This innovative tool will enable conservation managers to easily identify pests such as mice, rats, mustelids and possums and quickly respond with appropriate strategies.

As part of a research consortium led by Lincoln Agritech, ecologists Dr Helen Blackie and Katherine Muchna assisted in the design and initial trialling of PAWS® — a digital animal detection tool that represents a new generation of technologies for wildlife management, allowing real-time detection of invading predators. Biosecurity consultant Brent Barrett is involved with the current field trials of PAWS®.

For further information please contact Dr. Helen Blackie

2 April 2020