Coasts and Ports Conference 2015

Supporting discussion on the issues that affect our coasts and ports

The Coasts and Ports Conference is the leading forum in the Australasian region that explores the diverse issues affecting coasts and ports. Boffa Miskell’s presence at the conference included sponsorship of the planning, policy and management sessions, a number of which were chaired by our Dr Sharon De Luca, James Bentley and Catherine Clarke.

James and Sharon presented papers that generated significant interest from the audience.

James, an experienced landscape planner, spoke about assessing the potential landscape and natural character effects of aquaculture activities in light of the Supreme Court’s decision of EDS v New Zealand King Salmon (NZSC 30/2014) under the Resource Management Act 1991 and the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010. The thrust of the presentation focussed on the development of a robust assessment process that helps inform decision-makers in striking a balance between appropriate development of aquaculture activities and environmental protection.

Sharon, an experienced marine ecologist, presented her views on the value of mangroves, aiming to address misconceptions of their worth and value to the natural environment. Misunderstanding has at times led to mismanagement and adverse outcomes but, with appropriate management, mangrove stands contribute to coastal biodiversity, ecosystem health and provide habitats for native birds, fish and invertebrates.

Our ecology, design, planning and landscape planning teams have been involved in shaping and managing New Zealand’s coastal environment for many years. Our expertise has been engaged in identifying and mapping areas of high and outstanding natural character in coastal environments, including those of Marlborough, Christchurch, Hurunui, Bay of Plenty and Horowhenua. This mapping will enable a better understanding of New Zealand’s coastal environment, ensuring that development, such as aquaculture can continue to develop in appropriate locations, whilst nevertheless protecting the highest valued areas of New Zealand’s coasts.

For further information please contact Dr. Sharon De Luca or James Bentley

30 September 2015