It’s play time again at Potters Park, Takapuna

Jump, slide, swing and climb! Youngsters are enjoying the Potters Park playground with renewed enthusiasm following its refurbishment, designed by Boffa Miskell.

The play area has become a lively hub of activity within the historic Potters Park in central Takapuna. The revitalisation of the playground – part of Auckland Council’s playground upgrade programme – was timely, as the existing equipment had been in place for many years.

The new play space is designed to encourage and challenge pre-school age children. It features a low-level climbing net, spinning element, swings and a mound with climbing opportunities, slalom poles, double slide and tunnel providing opportunities to extend physical development, explore and discover through play.

Integrating the play space within the Potters Park setting was also an important design consideration. Colours were chosen to reflect those of the grass and rose gardens in the nearby planted areas. Play elements also encourage children to explore the environment, using mowing margins to run along, other elements to walk/jump between, and including adjacent trees, where low–hanging branches are included in the play experience.

The revitalisation of the play space is a key starting point for further development of Potters Park in future, which will strengthen its identify as a community park, closely connected with the Takapuna town centre.

For further information please contact Sarah Collins

26 July 2017