Sharing knowledge with paruauru (gardeners)

Meg Kane, from our landscape architecture team, shares her knowledge of garden design with households throughout the country via TV ONE’s Whanau Living show.

Meg has co-hosted the gardening segment on Whanau Living for three years. Until now she has demonstrated easy gardening projects but this year she is sharing her expertise in designing a range of garden types, including coastal gardens, edible gardens and greenwalls, for viewers to apply in their own gardens. The 2017 season kicked off on Waitangi Day.

Whanau Living is one of the first TV ONE shows aimed at a mainstream audience to incorporate Te Reo Māori as a key component, done in a way that is easily accessible to both Māori and non-Māori. Being part of the show has given Meg the opportunity to learn about rongoa (traditional Māori medicine) and Māori gardening techniques and to share this in an inclusive way.

“I feel like people are losing collective knowledge about gardening and growing their own food, which has previously been handed down through generations. It’s really satisfying to be able to pass on the knowledge that I have been given to people who, for whatever reason, have missed out and would like to know about basic gardening and food growing techniques,” reflects Meg.

Whanau Living’s garden segment airs on TV ONE, Tuesdays at 10am. Previous episodes can be viewed on TVNZ on Demand or at

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1 March 2017