Stakeholders put words into action at Mangawhai

Agreeing on a strategy for Fairy Tern recovery

Boffa Miskell is part of an innovative partnership, formed by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Conservation, Te Uri o Hau and the Te Arai and Mangawhai Shorebird Trust, with all parties working together to help protect the critically engendered Tara iti or Fairy Tern at Mangawhai, north of Auckland.

After signing the agreement late last year, the next step is creating a plan for moving forward together. Wellington-based ecologist Leigh Bull attended a two-day workshop in Kaiwaka, facilitated by John Ewen (Zoological Society of London) and Thalassa McMurdo Hamilton (a student at the Institute of Zoology at University College, London).

Items on the agenda included identification of key threats to the Fairy Tern, combining actions into strategies and how best to measure progress towards achieving the recovery programme goals.

Leigh says, “The workshop went through a process of identifying fundamental objectives held by stakeholders to guide all subsequent management actions. Having this focused time together is essential to develop a structured approach to the Fairy Tern recovery planning, and ensures that all parties in the MOU are on the same page as we start this critical work.”

For further information please contact Dr. Leigh Bull

27 March 2018