Submissions sought on proposed NPS for Indigenous Biodiversity

The government has released a discussion document on a proposed National Policy Statement (NPS) for Indigenous Biodiversity. Submissions on the discussion document are being sought, and consultation will close on 14 March 2020.

This discussion document builds on a draft National Policy Statement created by the Biodiversity Collaborative Group earlier this year, and discussed in this article by Dr Vaughan Keesing.

Since 2010, the Government has made several starts on the development of a proposed National Policy statement on Indigenous Biodiversity (pNPSIB). A National Policy Statement was seen as an essential response to the continuing decline in native plants, animals and their ecosystems. The NPS will have significant implications for people and organisations that manage or work in areas of land containing indigenous vegetation or the habitats of indigenous species.

If you would like assistance with understanding the implications of the NPS on Indigenous Biodiversity and making a submission, please contact us.

Documents are here:

For further information please contact Sharon Dines, Dr. Vaughan Keesing or Stephanie Styles

29 November 2019