The results are in: Boffa Miskell in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge

The cumulative effect of Boffa Miskell people making their weekday commute via pedal power equates to 1177kg of carbon dioxide that didn’t go into our atmosphere.

Auckland was led by four consultants with over 500km biked: John Potter (850), Peter Whiting (768), Michael Hawes (668) and Mark Lewis (587). Oliver May had the most overall rides (55) and the most days riding to work (25). Michael Hawes topped the most kms riding to work (461). The most encourager points came from Ian Boothroyd (650); and Peter Whiting led the overall points with 1178.

In Christchurch, Scott Hooson had most kilometres biked (551); and his 20 days cycling to work for a total of 376km topped both commuting tables. Hamish Cochrane and Holly Gardiner tied for most trips (40) and Scott Hooson gained the most encourager points (350). Unsurprisingly, Scott led overall points with 1131.

Queenstown was dominated by the duo of Yvonne Pfluger and Tim Church. Although Tim came first in most trips overall (14), plus most days (11) and most kilometres (176) riding to work, Yvonne was a strong second in those three categories, and topped the overall kilometres (292) and encourager points (100). Those encourager points made the difference as her overall 482 points were 95 points over Tim’s 387.

The combined Waikato/Bay of Plenty offices were led by Tauranga-based Matt Peacocke and Hamilton-based Aimee Hide. Matt had most kilometres biked to work, and overall (239); while Aimee had the most days riding to work (21) and the most trips overall (35). Aimee was the overall points leader with 390 — just 11 more than Matt.

Wellington was dominated by Martin Powell, who had 389 points and placed first in most kilometres biked to work (79), most days riding to work (13), most rides overall (42) and most encourager points (50). Hamish Wesney topped most kilometres (184) overall.

Dunedin finished with 196 total points, led  by Emma Taylor, with 114 kms and six rides. Mark Brown added 22kms from a single trip.

Competing in the 3 – 6 staff category, the Dunedin office finished first in local consultancies,  and 12th in Dunedin overall. In the 50 – 199 staff category, the Auckland office finished second among local consultancies, and 5th in Auckland overall.

10 March 2020