Virtual flythrough assists with visualising designs

Drone pilot certification will facilitate increased drone filming on urban design projects.

Picturing large scale projects can often be a challenge when presenting designs to clients and stakeholders, as many elements of a design need to connect and flow together in the real world. A drone-captured video of the site, when synchronised with the animated flythrough of the proposed design can enable clients, designers, project partners, consultants and stakeholders to discuss the new project elements.

In May, our digital environments team created such a video for Auckland Council as part of Te Auaunga Awa (Oakley Creek) project in West Auckland. A high level of detail was not required in the animated fly-through in this case, as the purpose was to discuss the integration of several play areas and an outdoor classroom and illustrate the proposed extent of stream restoration and wetland areas along Te Auaunga Awa. Higher levels of detail are achievable for discussions surrounding more specific built elements.

Prior to the construction of Te Auaunga Awa there will be a re-filming of the area and ongoing filming of the construction. The drone will now be using a new fly-by-wire (FBW) technology, a computer-regulated system for controlling the flight for added safety and stability, which also means the pilot can be further away from the drone and can create an automatic flight plan prior to filming. This will enable the pilot to fly through the entire site, rather than walking through the river culverts in waders in order to stitch the video clips together, as was done previously.

Boffa Miskell was awarded Civil Aviation Authority Part 102 certification in June 2016. The certification will allow us more ability to operate the drones over urban areas, which will be useful for the next stages of the Oakley Creek Restoration and surrounding Waterview Connection projects, as well as other future projects requiring drone videos and imagery.

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13 June 2016