Waitōharuru Concept Plan

The original set-off point for the Pink and White Terraces, Waitōharuru (also known as Tarawera Landing) is the birthplace of tourism in New Zealand.

Boffa Miskell has worked closely with Rotorua Lakes Council and Tūhourangi and Tarawera community partners to develop a concept plan for the upgrade and enhancement of Waitōharuru, also known as Tarawera Landing.

We are providing landscape architectural services, and planning services; and the project for the improvement of the carpark area in Tarawera Landing is at the preliminary design phase.

The concept plan is now being shared with the wider community prior to the final detailed design phase. Detail design and implementation is planned for the first half of 2021

The key moves for the concept are

  • Separation of three key areas, with emphasis on multi-use pedestrian areas;
  • Strong connection to waterfront and expansive vistas by accentuating lake edge;
  • Realignment of jetty and boat ramp to create pedestrian threshold and draw attention to the lake.

Design Statement:

The serenity of Lake Tarawera’s lakefront, nestled in native bush and deep blue green hues of the landscape with the omniscient profile of Mt Tarawera across the water, draws people from across the globe. The landing acts a gateway to the lake, connecting people, water and land.
The raw beauty of the surroundings take prominence in the design. The concept uses materials and forms which create simple, timeless elegance which complement the character of the area. The use of natural materials and simple spaces which mould into the landscape and enhance the functionality of the site.  Connections formed through the bold lake front boardwalk, mimic the waters edge, bleeds into the wider landscape, cementing the concept to the place.


For further information please contact Matt Peacocke, Sean Grace or Topsy Steele

20 November 2020