Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten

Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten

An innovative landscape for play, on a former brownfield site.

Freeman’s Bay Kindergarten, which is located very centrally in Auckland, was found to be contaminated in 2005. The site is a complex, sloping area, even without the complication of the necessary decontamination. Boffa Miskell had earlier prepared a master plan for the site before the contamination was discovered.

The client sought an outdoor area which minimised level changes, slippery sloped lawn areas and steps with big risers had been problematic in the earlier layout. The design minimised level changes by raising the sandpit on the lower part of the site. A ‘natural’ waterplay channel flows down the sloped site into the sandpit. There are raised planters for children to garden.

On the opposite side of the site, a deck steps down from the sandpit area to a small lawn and a flat ‘cushionfall’ area, where teachers can set up flexible play equipment. ‘Secret’ special and natural areas with stepping-stones and textural native plantings, for the children to explore, lie to the bottom and fringe areas of the site.

Boffa Miskell developed the masterplan for the children’s outdoor area at the kindergarten. We carried out the developed and detail design, working in close liaison with the engineers, amending standard details to create what was required to manage decontamination of the site.

We worked to tight timeframes to develop new details that would work with the depths and clay/geotextile layers required to seal the decontamination. The implementation of the new outdoor area works was implemented under our supervision. The work was efficiently completed ensuring that the required closure of the kindergarten was minimised.

Our role

Masterplan, developed and detailed design. Supervision of implementation

The facts

ClientAuckland Kindergarten Association
Project teamSarah Collins
Worked with

T&T Contanination Specialist Engineers

Project date2003 - 2005