Green Bay Kindergarten

Opportunity for play-based outdoor learning

Our interest in developing the opportunities for outdoor education in this kindergarten was heightened by our recent stream daylighting work in the adjacent La Rosa Reserve.

The environment in La Rosa Reserve was transformed from a grassed swale with a piped stream running beneath, back to a natural water course through a reserve landform that reflects what it had been years earlier.  Our master plan for the kindergarten transformed the learning environment in alignment with the adjacent reserve.

The client sought to retain the existing mature tree for natural shade, with an expanded lawn area for active play. The site was large enough to accommodate all the features required in a comprehensive outdoor learning and play space for preschool children. A boardwalk links across the site to a fale; the boardwalk reflects the style of development in the adjacent La Rosa Reserve.

The kindergarten yard includes fruit and vegetable gardens, gardens for the children, a children’s carpentry area, ample sheds for storage, a sand pit area with adjacent waterplay and a mudpit; a large flat flexible set-up area for moveable play equipment and adjacent secret circle area and play kitchen. Trails run around the fringe of the site adjacent to La Rosa Reserve.

The refurbishment of Green Bay Kindergarten’s outdoor area was part of the Kindergarten Associations on-going redevelopment of the children’s outdoor areas to meet the needs of current learning in the outdoor environment. Our skills were sought for the in depth understanding our team has for the creation of spaces for outdoor learning.

Our role

Design, detailed design, construction supervision

The facts

ClientAuckland Kindergarten Association
Project teamSarah Collins
Worked with

Craftsman Gerdener Services

Project date2014 - 2015