King’s College Performing Arts Centre Landscape Design

Landscape design for a new building within the framework of the Landscape Management plan we developed

We were sought by the College to join the consultant team for this project as we had developed the Landscape Management plan for the College.

The client sought a building and associated landscape which were modern and would meet current education needs, but which also fitted with the heritage of the site.

Our brief was to retain the existing landscape as practical and to work with the arborist to protect the Oak Trees whilst also developing a gathering space for students and people attending performances in the proposed centre.

The main challenge we faced was to achieve workable outdoor spaces for people to gather whilst designing, in consultation with the arborist to protect one Selwyn Oak. Our skills as landscape architects, who understand the dynamics of students using spaces, as well as working in an open consultative manner with the consultant team saw us strive to achieve an outcome which would meet the needs of the students as well as other constraints.

Our role

Landscape design

The facts

ClientKing's College
Project teamSarah Collins
Kieran Dove
Luna Cheng
Worked with

Citivas Planners

Patterson Architects

Peers Miller Brown Arborists


Project date2019 - ongoing