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Songyu Time Square

Integrating a high rise building, hotel and public park into one landscape design

Boffa Miskell was commissioned to design a landscape masterplan that would integrate a 4 star hotel (200 rooms), high rise office/commercial/retail towers and adjacent city park into the 25,400m2 site. .

The design also needed to allow for a commercial / retail plaza which could accommodate an outdoor market, outdoor carparking, and recreational facilities for the public like basketball courts and children’s play area.

A challenge for the design was to mitigate some negative aspects like the elevated highway intersection along the eastern and northern boundaries, and the large stormwater channel to the southern boundary.

The result was a strong design language communicated through the use of landscape structures, paving, and planting.

Also due to the tall towers on the site, the landscape needed to be visually strong when seen from above. This was addressed through the use of vibrant colours in the planting, bold lines in the paving, and creative lighting for night scene.

Our role

Landscape design, Detail design, LID

The facts

ClientHotel and office/retail high rise buildings - Guang Xi Qinzhou Songu Land Development Company Adjacent park lands – local government Project date
Project teamChris Bentley
Project date2013 - ongoing