Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan

Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan

Revitalising an 800AD stone quarry to become a new tourist destination in China.

The Yangshan Tourism Park Master Plan is designed to create a new and sustainable visitor destination in China’s highly competitive tourism market. It provides for adventure tourism activities and hotel accommodation as well as commercial, retail and residential development within the 150-hectare site.

The challenge for Boffa Miskell, in conceiving the master plan, was to identify a design concept by which a unique and notable attraction could be created that would succeed in the Chinese market, while still treating the site’s heritage with sensitivity.

The site incorporates an ancient former quarry which, in other parts of the world, could be a notable heritage attraction. But in China, with its 5,000 years of history, it is more of a local curiosity in a country where significant heritage-related tourist destinations are already well established.

Boffa Miskell’s solution centres on the ‘CLOUD’, an elevated walkway that will be created with a suspended mist-generating system to appear as a cloud wrapped around the remnant rock outcrop of Yang Mountain. The concept, which will provide a new visitor perspective over the ancient quarry, will reference ‘five colour’ clouds, which are a sign of good fortune in Chinese culture. Being visible from the nearby town and high-speed train station, the CLOUD will generate interest and attract people to the site.

A destination tourism park around the CLOUD will also be created, with a series of interconnected tourist attractions. An adventure park is planned, which will incorporate a number of activities familiar in New Zealand but not yet in China: mountain biking, bungy jumping, luge rides and a gondola, amongst others. A ‘water town’ will be developed that will capitalise on an existing ancient canal. The existing temple park, with its endemic freshwater jellyfish preserve, will be integrated within the overall site development. Canals throughout the whole tourism park, navigated by traditional boats, will connect the main attractions.

Further development of the design concept will be the next step.

Our role

Masterplanning, urban design, and landscape concept design for this design competition.

The facts

ClientShaoxing CYTS Ltd.
Project teamChris Bentley
Project dateCompleted January 2014